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Looking for BOTOX® Okemos?  Learn from an expert how to compare treatment costs.

Evaluate by Dosage

BOTOX® and Xeomin are medications; the dosage is measured as a unit.  The unit of measurement is determined by a medical professional. To help you in comparing costs of BOTOX® or Xeomin at Ageless Beauty Center we charge for the number of units used.  During the consultation, all will be explained and you will know the number of units proposed to be administered.  In this way, you can compare “apples to apples.” With this approach, you can be confident that you only pay for what you receive.

Charges by the Area

On the other hand, many practices charge by the “area.”  For comparison sake, you should be sure what is considered an area. A single area in one practice might be considered two in another.  Also in other practices, if you need less BOTOX® or Xeomin than average, you will still pay the same “area” price.

Per Syringe Charge

Another way BOTOX®/Xeomin may be charged is on a per syringe basis.  But again, it is important to know how many units are in a syringe.  A vial of medication can be diluted any number of ways and under these circumstances, the units can vary greatly. BOTOX® and Xeomin come in 50 unit and 100 unit vials. Many clients state that they get 1 or 2 syringes.  It pays to be informed about the number of units and potency per syringe so you can accurately compare prices.

At Ageless Beauty Center, you are working with a Cosmetic RN that has the medical background and 14 years of experience with injectable medications like BOTOX® and Xeomin. You will receive accurate estimates on your treatment plan based on that experience. Every new patient/client relationship begins with a consultation to understand your unique needs.  Consultations at Ageless Beauty Center are always free.

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