Can I Get Halo Treatments Before Big Events?

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Whether you’re about to get married or are ready to celebrate a milestone birthday, you want to look your absolute best for your next big event. That’s why you’re interested in undergoing Halo Laser treatments, a customizable skin resurfacing procedure that’s perfect for reducing signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and even acne scars.

But how soon should you get your Halo Laser treatment? And when is the cut-off period before your big event?

Wonder no more, because we have the answers!

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Can I Get Halo Before a Big Event?

The Halo Laser is still a lot more gentle than other laser resurfacing peels out there, but it’s worth noting that it still takes some time to recover from its side effects (more on that later). That’s why we usually recommend the following treatment schedule, depending on your cosmetic conditions:

  • If you have mild complexion concerns – like light hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone, we usually recommend undergoing a Halo laser treatment at least one week before your big event.
  • If you have moderate complexion issues, like deep wrinkles, noticeable hyperpigmentation, and more, it’s a good idea to give yourself two weeks before your big event.

Keep in mind that this is the schedule if you’re only planning on undergoing one Halo treatment. To see your best results, we recommend a treatment regimen of three Halo sessions, scheduled 6-8 weeks apart.

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Should I Worry About Side Effects?

Side effects are pretty mild, especially when compared to other laser skin resurfacing treatments. In general, you should expect to experience mild peeling and flaking, along with slight facial swelling for 24-48 hours. You’ll be able to wear makeup within the first 24 hours after your Halo treatment.

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