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What it is

Glacial Rx is an FDA-cleared facial treatment that is the first on the market to utilize the power of Cryomodulation to improve the appearance of age spots, rosacea/redness, and inflammation on the skin.

The treatment can be used anywhere on the body to


Glacial Rx facial treatment works to enhance the skin through Cryomodulation, which is a cooling technology that effectively reduces the production of melanin. During treatment, patients report a cooling sensation on the treated area. This cooling technology improves the appearance of common skin conditions such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and melasma, revealing brighter and radiant skin.

Any individual is a good candidate for Glacial Rx if they are frustrated by the appearance of skin concerns such as melasma, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea/redness and are looking for a long-lasting, non-invasive solution. Unlike some other facial rejuvenation treatments, Glacial Rx® is safe for people of all skin tones and types, opening this procedure up to people who might not have been good candidates for other treatments.


Immediate results may be noticeable after a single treatment, but optimal results will be seen within 2 months. The number of treatments needed to achieve your desired outcome will be determined during your in-person consultation at Ageless Beauty Center. Glacial Rx has little to no downtime.


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