The Aging Face

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As we age, it is natural to lose the fat pads that hold the face structure in place.  Figure one shows that age 35, everything is supported.  By the time you reach your mid 40’s, you start to see the first signs of aging.  The eye troughs drop down giving you the appearance of looking tired and jowls begin to develop along the jawline – an effect of gravity. Bone loss from the orbital rim and jawline also contribute to this eye trough and jowl change. For people who are thin with low body fat, such as runners, this sign of aging may be even more pronounced.  By age 55, it is even worse with hollowing at the temple creating a skeletal look.

Fillers as a Solution to Aging Face

The work of fillers is to replace this lost volume and lift the facial structures up and back into place.  Think of this in terms of pitching a tent.  To put a tent up, you start with the middle pole.  You do not set it up by pulling the sides up first.  Relating this tent analogy to the face, it works best to replace the mid- face volume loss first. As an injector, I look at the face in a 3D manner.  Often if you only correct one area, then other areas may appear worse.   For example, many clients come in saying that they are bothered by their “parenthesis” the deepening of the nasal labial folds. They want that area filled.  Yes, I can do that, but you will get more bang for your buck by inflating the cheek area. Doing this will raise the eye troughs, soften the nasal labial folds and lift the whole face.  As a cosmetic RN my goal is to treat the whole face using the right solution in the right order.  Every face is unique, I am happy to offer you a complimentary consultation and recommend a course of action that will be right for you.

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