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R.N. Darlene Puja

Ageless Beauty Center was established by owner and Cosmetic R.N. Darlene Puja. As a Cosmetic RN, Darlene’s skills are enhanced with years of medical experience, having earned her R.N. certification in 1990. Additionally, she has a Bachelor of Physiology/Psychology degree earned from Michigan State University in 1986. For over 15 years Darlene has dedicated her work to the cosmetic industry by continuing to expand her expertise in the field of cosmetic injections and emerging skin treatment techniques, including a Master’s level class on the ArcheDerm technique, a revolutionary way to move tissue through injection. Most recently Darlene Puja completed a Masters Level Course certification on Micro-needling techniques with the SkinPen.


As a cosmetic R.N. specialist, Darlene has integrated all of her training into a thoughtful and caring philosophy to benefit Ageless Beauty Center clients. Service always begins with a complimentary consultation in order to determine the best and least invasive, yet most effective, course of treatment. Many skin treatment clients express concerns about appearing “over-done” or feeling pressured to purchase packages of on-going treatments. As a medical professional, Darlene subscribes to a conservative approach which allows the patient to acclimate to a particular treatment and to confidently pursue a plan that is specifically designed for them.

Most of Ageless Beauty Center’s new clients come from referrals from existing clients who appreciate the knowledge, expertise, honesty and professional treatment received from Darlene. A positive experience is of utmost importance to Ageless Beauty Center and Darlene.

Privacy Policy

At Ageless Beauty Center, the privacy of our clients is always our top priority. We know that there are many times when the sensitivity around being “outed” regarding a treatment is a big concern. We will never share your story, name or images without your express, specific and written approval. If you are “outed” for looking fabulous your friends and family will never learn that the solution came from Ageless Beauty Center. That being said, if you should feel moved to share your story and your positive experience we would be honored to have your permission to share your story and endorsement.

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