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What It Is

Vi Peel skin treatment is a chemical peel system with a wide variety of product combinations for a custom approach. It includes aftercare products that are strongly recommended for optimum results.

This type of skin peel is especially effective for patients with significant acne scarring or hyperpigmentation. It is also used for sensitive skin conditions such as melasma, as well as skin showing signs of aging and sun damage.

How It Works

The Vi Peel takes off the dead skin and forces the skin to renew itself at a faster rate. It stimulates more collagen and elastin so it tightens the skin. This creates significant peeling and flaking on day 3 and 4.


Any skin type. For darker skin, there is no risk of hypo or hyperpigmentation.


The Vi Peel is designed to be a stronger chemical peel; however, some customers with sensitive skin may find that they experience a slight burning sensation both during and after the procedure. If you feel any discomfort or pain during the Vi peel, please let your Ageless Beauty technician know so we can make you as comfortable as possible.


For most patients, recovery is a five days process. Usually, the third and fourth day of the peel is when you peel the most. You may experience some redness and/or swelling, although not every patient experiences swelling.* Some clients like to take a couple of days off to recoup before going back to work or attending social events. Your Ageless Beauty technician will work directly with you to determine key milestones, like when you can start wearing makeup again.

Keep in mind that you should wear sunscreen at all times, as your skin will be very sensitive to sunlight!

*Individual results may vary.

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