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At Ageless Beauty Center, we are proud to be the first in Michigan to offer a new product, Lifeline Skin Care. It is a complete line of skin care products from the International Stem Cell Corporation. It is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to stem cell research for solutions for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes, Parkinson’s, liver disease and blindness.
“As a person who struggles with Type 1 Diabetes, I was taken by the manufacturer’s commitment to research and finding solutions for some devastating conditions. Their slogan ‘Someday, stem cells will change the world. Today stem cells are changing skin care’ was so motivating to me – knowing that I can offer a compelling and effective line of skin care products for my clients and at the same time know that the parent company of Lifeline Skin Care is continuing to research for lasting solutions to serious medical conditions,” commented Ageless Beauty Center Owner, Darlene Puja.

About Stem Cell Therapy

While the treatments using Stem Cells for Type 1 Diabetes, Parkinson’s and other diseases are several years from being available, LifeLine Skin Care is harnessing the power of human stem cells unique ability to replace damaged and diseased tissue.

New Skin Care Product, Lifeline Line-Up

The Lifeline skin care product line-up includes a Dual Action Exfoliator, a Daily Defense Complex, a Recovery Night Moisture Serum, and an Eye Firming Complex. The early results from our clients produced significant proof for us to recommend these skin care products as one of our primary sources for highly effective topical treatments.
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